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Department of Information Technology

The department of Information Technology was started with the aim of catering to the needs for quality IT professionals in the nations to march towards digital age. The vision of the IT department is to efficiently mould engineer's knowledge with theory and practice using teaching skill utilizing the latest practical experiments and software to fit into areas of technology with advanced information. The Information Technologist has greater opportunities in software development because of their excellent knowledge in Web Technology. In future all the Industries will purely depend on Information Technologists.

Further, Industrial Training related to emerging IT areas forms an important component of Information Technology curriculum. We inculcate various technological researches through the association "INFOZEAL" (Information Zygo Empowered Association of Legends).

Information Technology has ushered in a new epoch of prosperity, quality and modernity in the life of mankind.

The IT department established in the academic year 2000-2001 has grown into a gigantic stature and eminence by way of producing IT professionals of eminence and excellence who fit into the existing global market as balls in holes. Moulding the rough stones into ornamental diamonds is the primary motive of the excellent and meritorious IT faculty with its sound and strong infrastructure such as its laboratories and advances systems.

Each student is motivated to focus on a novel area to bring out his/her potential under the supervision of teachers. It is the constant effort of the department to be in touch with changing needs of the IT industry so as to respond in terms of modifications to adapt to these technological changes.

Programmes offered

B.Tech.(Information Technology) +2 with maths
3 year B.Tech. (Information Technology) B.Sc (maths, physics)
M.S.(Information Technology & management)Any degree with computer science / Application / Information Technology
M.Tech. (software system & tech.)B.Tech. (IT)
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